This is where we just talk about food!

Here you will find reviews about local eateries, recipes, and craft beers.
We have a very strong interest in finding some of the best local eats. We do it all the time…even when we are on vacation! We sometimes find these places based on suggestions from our friends and readers, and other times from restaurant owners themselves. We are fortunate enough to get invitations to dine on the house or attend special media events to sample items from the menu…either way, our reviews are our own honest and objective opinions. We tell it like it is!

There has been a growing popularity in craft beers which is fantastic because all those microbreweries need all the love they can get! We have expanded our site to feature reviews of craft beers from all over the world. Al has been refining his palate and expanding his knowledge on the many varieties of micro brews out there. He is always looking for a great place to drink craft beer and a great craft beer to drink.

I occasionally get into these random moods  where I want to try something new so we have a section dedicated section to recipes and party ideas, (by the way, I love event planning and design!) I come from a family who loves to eat and is always having huge family parties. My parents got me jump-started and trained to make rice and food-prep at age 6 and I have been cooking up a storm since age 11. They figured, “If she eats, then she better work!”
Needless to say, I am used to the hard work and appreciate good food when I taste it!

Just know that…

“It’s not just yummo, it’s Mega Yummo!”


Pearleen Buchala
Editor & Photographer
Co-founder of Mega Yummo!