Left Coast Hop Juice

Left Coast Hop Juice Imperial Double IPA

Beer: Hop Juice
Brewery: Left Coast
Style: Double/Imperial IPA
ABV: 9.7%
Availability: Year round


This supremely hopped up beverage was a souvenir I from a recent trip to Austin, TX. I usually don’t travel much, but when I do, I try to find beers I can usually get here in Central Florida.

I didn’t waste any time before opening this bottle. Being a west coast double IPA I was expecting big punch-in-the-face hoppiness, which this was, however it had quite a bit more maltiness than I hoped for.

Don’t get me wrong, Hop Juice is fantastic. Jam packed with hoppy goodness, this beer clocks in at, just shy of 10%. A very smooth DIPA for such a high alcohol content.

Hop Juice produces a strong earthy and hoppy aroma. Initially, it tastes sweet, but that only lasts for a very short time before the bitterness of the hops become present, lingering for a short period of time. This is a solid Double IPA and a must try.


Left Coast Hop Juice Imperial Double IPA



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