Border Grill

I had a feeling I was in for an interesting experience as I pulled into a parking spot in front of, what looks to be, a Mexican restaurant. Other than the fluorescent sign “Open” and “Authentic Mexican Food”, their building displays no name for the restaurant.

Border Grill Mexican Restaurant

Border Grill is the name of the restaurant. It looks big from the outside but it small on the inside. The line was long and overflowing out the door. As I wiggled my way inside, my eyes were drawn to the large, black board displaying all of the menu items. They were offering a variety tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, and tortas. I benefitted from the long line because it gave me some time to really think what to get. Although the line was long, my turn was quickly coming up.

border grill mexican restaurant menu


“I’ll take 3 tacos: one chicharron, a pastor, and a pibil with everything on it,” I said to the cashier. As she was ringing up my order, I spotted behind her a tall, slender glass bottle of Mexican Coca-cola in their beverage cooler. I think I might get one.

I took a seat at one of the few tables available. The partially occupied table presented me with the opportunity of making some new friends while I soaked up some of the intoxicating aroma of fresh grilled meats. Some small talk and a few sips from my Mexican Coke later, my food was ready.

border grill mexican restaurant tacos

I picked up my three tacos, Chicharron (pork skin), Pastor (marinated pulled pork) and Pibil (Yucatan style pork) all three served in a soft corn tortilla with cilantro, onions and some lime on the side. I rolled up the Pastor taco to secure its contents and took my first bite. I immediately noticed the fresh aroma of cilantro, limes and then smoky, sweet and spicy flavors. This was the Pastor. A roasted, then pulled style pork. Next I tried pibil, which is grilled, small pork cutlets usually seasoned with cumin, cilantro and garlic.

border grill mexican restaurant tacos

border grill mexican restaurant tacos

I proceeded to try a bite of each of the remaining ones. The chicharron taco was my favorite out of the three but if you order it, you should know to eat it first or else the chicharron will lose its crispiness from all the sauces.


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