Balagan Kosher Mediterranean Cafe

Balagan Kosher Mediterranean Cafe is an eatery located in the UCF Student Union as well as the UCF Arena. I have been going here since I first discovered it my freshman year of college, and it is the only place that I buy food on campus!

Balagan offers amazing menu items such as chicken shawarma, beef shawarma, and falafel. These items are placed in a pita pocket with hummus, and you get to decide what you want in your pita! The fillings include Greek salad, tabouleh, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, tahini sauce, eggplant, and many more options (but these are my favorites, to name a few).
Today, I ordered a falafel with pita and filled it with hummus, greek salad, tabouleh, onions, cabbage, cucumbers, and topped it off with tahini sauce. Some days I like to go vegetarian, so the falafel is a great food to eat on days like this. However, I’d have to say that their chicken shawarma is by far my favorite. It is always freshly made, and I love the spices that they add to the chicken shawarma. Not only will the food at Balagan Kosher Mediterranean Cafe fill the void in your stomach, but it will also offer you healthy options with the many vegetables that you can add to your pita. The next time that you’re out at UCF, I definitely recommend giving this place a try!

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