Giordano’s Chicago Style Pizza in Orlando

The first time that I ever had Giordano’s famous stuffed pizza was when I was nine years old. I was on vacation with my family in Chicago, and since then I have been fan of their pizza. When I found out that Giordano’s recently opened a location in the Orlando area, I had to go! It had been ten years since I had their pizza, and it was about time to experience the authentic Chicago-style pizza once again.


My boyfriend and I ordered their Spinach with Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese stuffed pizza along with a salad. What makes Chicago style pizza different is that you only need one slice to feel full. The crust is very thick and up to three inches tall at the edge, slightly higher than the layers of cheese and fresh, chunky tomato sauce. The ‘deep dish’ acts as a bowl to hold all of the toppings and layers of flavor. In a way, it reminded me of eating lasagna because it was so filling with the cheese and amazing crust. The crust is my favorite part of the pizza because it is always so fresh and baked to a perfectly golden brown color. It has a nice amount of crunch with a soft texture on the inside.
We really enjoyed the pizza, and I enjoyed the memories of eating at Giordano’s for the first time during my childhood. The only change that I would make is to have a little bit more spinach since I really love spinach on pizza. Also, it is good to get an appetizer like a salad or something light because the deep dish pizzas take about 30 minutes for them to be made fresh. Overall, it was definitely worth the wait for the stuffed pizza, and if you want a little taste of Chicago-style pizza, this is the best place for you to go!

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