David’s Club at the Hilton Orlando

I’m reluctant to call David’s Club Bar & Grille a sport’s bar, because that isn’t the picture I want to convey. David’s Club, though casual and fun, is “secretly” a gastro pub. Yes, they serve many items that are made using the modern American/molecular gastronomy techniques, but they’re not very vocal about it.

We were invited to spend a day at the Hilton Orlando. This was our first time at Hilton Orlando and our first time dining at David’s Club; we were quite impressed with the overall experience!

David’s Club features spacious design with a relaxed atmosphere. The tables spaced far enough apart where you don’t feel cramped, but not too far where you feel secluded. The bar area provides ample amounts of seats with TVs for the sports fans to enjoy. They also have a  couple of pool tables to fit their sports bar theme.

We started our experience by having dessert at David’s Club after an amazing dinner at Spencer’s, their upscale steak house. Our dessert was a chocolate souffle filled with pretzels served with Blue Moon sorbet and garnished with liquid-nitrogen frozen pretzel crumbs. The Blue Moon sorbet was very unique and apparent that the flavor carried a strong Blue Moon taste without a trace of alcohol.

The chocolate souffle was also excellent, but as you would expect, the pretzel bits in the souffle had absorbed enough moisture and become soggy by the time it was served. Our dessert was accompanied by an apple cider made by Crispin, called The Saint. What’s special about this cider is that it’s made from with Trappist beer yeasts and maple syrup resulting in a truly unique cider that paired very well with our dessert.

We ended the night enjoying the hotel’s outdoors fireplace chit chatting the night away with drinks and good company.

We return to David’s Club the following day for lunch with Ricky and May from Tasty Chomps. Being that there were four or us we decided to order several items and share so that each of us could have a chance to try a variety of items. We ordered the Fried Mac & Cheese and Korean BBQ Wings, Waygu Burger, Margarita Flat Bread, Surf and Turf and B.L.T.E with a side of Sweet Potato Truffle Fries.

I had a chance to try most of the items before I was completely full. My favorites were the B.L.T.E., a twist to your standard B.L.T. made with bacon, lettuce and green-fried tomatoes this sandwich was truly unique and delicious. They certainly didn’t skimp on bacon here, the entire width of this sandwich was covered in thick, delicious bacon packed on top of fresh, crisp, fried-green tomatoes and (some sauce) served with truffle flavored, sweet potato fries, which was the most popular item on our table.

Overall experience was excellent and will be returning to dine with them again!

Tip: Resorts like these have valet parking and self parking. If you valet park, you can get your parking validated by purchasing a full entrée at any of their restaurants. So if you just want to go there for dinner, you can take advantage of curb-side valet service for the cost of a tip!

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