Seasons 52 New Fall Menu

Season’s 52’s New Fall Menu

Greetings, folks! Let’s hear it for Seasons 52! I want to start out by saying that this review is, more than likely, very biased. I love Seasons 52 and my wife and I go there semi-regularly. If there’s no place that’s new that a pretentious foodie would go, we fallback to Seasons 52. It always has a nice atmosphere, the service has never been remotely bad, and the food is always fresh. So keep that in mind while you’re reading this.

On to the menu:


Portobello Mushroom & Four Cheese Flatbread

leaf spinach, roasted arglic and truffle sour cream

Monte Oton Garnacha, Compo de Barja – Spain 2010


Ahi Tuna Seared Rare

sliced and served chilled with Asian cucumber salad and sesame crisps

Selbach Riesling QBA, Mosel – Germany 2010


Maple Leaf Farms Sesame Duck Salad

apples, mint, cranberries, butternut squash, and toasted pecans

Anna’s Merlot – Slovenia 2009


Mancheseter Farms Grilled Quail

mashed sweet potatoes and bourbon-chili glaze

Organic Salmon Roasted on Cedar Plank

whole-roasted sweet carrots, fresh asparagus and red bliss potatoes

Roasted Harvest Squash Trio

with honey mint glaze

Half Moon bay Brussels Sprouts

with roasted garlic


Ramey Chardonnay, Russian River 2008

Mauritson Carbernet Sauvignon, Sonoma 2007


Mini Indulgence Desserts

Warre Otima 10 Year Old Tawney Port, Portugal

How Does it Taste?

The flatbread was delicious. I’m not generally too big a fan of portobello mushrooms or spinach but the mixture of it all in the flatbread was very complimentary. None of the cheeses or the truffle sour cream was over powering – the tastes let you know that they were there. Just enough to be inviting. It was pleasant.

Ahi Tuna with cucumber salad and sesame crisps

Next up was the Ahi Tuna appetizer. This was served with a cucumber salad and sesame crisps. Sesame crisps is a fancy foodie way of saying “pita chips with sesame seeds.” I’m going to be anti-foodie for a moment and say that I made a little nacho of sesame crisps, cucumber salad, and ahi tuna. It was delicious. I also had the ahi by itself. It was prepared just right. Season’s always does a good job on the seared ahi. I don’t usually order it myself but my wife does and she loved it.

Maple Leaf Farms Sesame Duck salad

Next up was the salad. I don’t usually eat or enjoy salad. I’m sorry. I just don’t do it. I’m not a rabbit or some other type of ruminant animal. However, I tried this salad. More specifically, I tried the Maple Leaf Farms Sesame Duck salad. I’l leave it at this: if all salads were as good as this, I might consider chaning my position on salad. Might. It was that good. A bit spicey and a bit minty. I want some right now. Please don’t tell anyone that.

Next up were the entrées. I tried everything.

Mancheseter Farms Grilled Quail: This was great. I avoided the mashed sweet potatoes that came with it because I am very against sweet potatoes in general. A “sweet” potato is, to me, the opposite of what a potato should be. However, everyone else there loved the sweet potatoes. The quail was cooked perfectly and very tender. The flavors were, again, present and not overpowering. Everyone at this dinner took seconds of the qual, except for me. I took thirds.

The Organic Salmon Roasted on Cedar Plank was delicious. You’ll notice that the salmon was listed as organic. This is not something that many restaurants are able to get and Seasons had to go to great lengths to find an organic supplier. The cedar plank roasting gives the salmon a pleasant flavor and it not at all dry from the grilling. The roasted potatoes that came with it complimented the salmon very nicely. They also went well with the quail.

Half Moon bay Brussels Sprout

Finally, the Roasted Harvest Squash Trio and Half Moon bay Brussels Sprouts. If you’re dining with vegetarians, they will love these dishes. The squash trio was rather tasty and the presentation was pleasing to the eye. The brussels sprouts tasted good as well, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like brussels sprouts.

Dessert was incredible and paired with Otima 10 year old port. If you only go here for dessert, you must get this port and one of the mini indulgences. The pumpkin pie dessert with the Otima port was an incredible combination. I don’t want to oversell that particular combination, though, as every dessert with that wine was an incredible combination. In fact, you don’t even need to have the wine to enjoy the desserts, but if you’re a wine drinker, get that wine because you will regret it if you don’t. Also, if someone at your table gets the wine and won’t give you a sip, you will be very jealous and probably wind up ordering it for yourself.

All in all, the new fall menu for Seasons 52 adds very well to their round up. All of the usual favorites are still around and the new additions are up to, or exceed, the usual quality you would expect from Seasons. My favorites were the duck salad and a toss up between the grilled quail and cedar plank salmon. Did I mention to get that port with dessert? Because you should.

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