Hanamizuki Japanese Restaurant

Hanamizuki is a Japanese restaurant with a very extensive menu featuring everything from noodles to
sushi and everything in between. This a traditional and authentic Japanese restaurant where you will in fact find fantastic Japanese cuisine. I have heard so much about this place from Ricky Ly of Tastychomps.com. His favorite thing on the menu is Hanamizuki’s Shio Butter Ramen. It is not hard to convince me to check out  a place when it involves noodle soups!

This quaint establishment is tucked away in a Gooding’s plaza between International Dr. and Universal Blvd. My first visit was with Ricky and his girlfriend and we all ordered ramen and I am not talking about that instant stuff where you just add water. I am talking about the real deal! Traditional ramen usually consist of flavorful broth made from either pork, chicken, beef, or fish stock, noodles, vegetables like bean sprouts, scallions, seaweed, bamboo, spinach and other greens  and a  protein like pork belly, egg, chicken, fish cakes, and or shrimp.

Shio Butter Ramen

Shio Butter Ramen

My bowl of noodles was comprised of Ramen noodles in salt base hot soup with roasted pork belly, fish cake, poached egg, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts topped with scallions. This clear and pale yellow broth was made with pork bones, fish and seaweed. The salt from the seaweed is what makes the broth taste much lighter and slightly sweet than those similar noodle soups seen in Chinese or Vietnamese cuisine. The process of building this bowl of ramen is different from what I am use to. Normally, I put all the toppings on top of the noodles and then pour the boiling hot broth over top. In the case of Japanese ramen, they pour the hot broth over the noodles first, toss the noodles in the broth so that it swims freely, then they finish the bowl with all the toppings. The result is a much neater and cleaner presentation. Since the broth does not contain much fat, the richness of the broth relies heavily on the protein i.e. roasted pork belly. The roasted pork belly adds just enough fat and flavor to the broth as it warms up from the broth. It is a heavenly combination that would leave a feeling satisfaction. Noodles soups are my comfort food and this bowl of ramen is a cure for all my noodle cravings. This place is an awesome recommendation by Tastychomps! I will be returning to Hanamizuki for more!

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