RanGetsu at Lake Lily

RanGetsu use to be located on International Drive by the Orange County Convention Center. They recently relocated to Maitland in hopes to appeal to the local residences.
From what I can remember, the previous location on International Drive was much larger and it featured a Japanese garden and decoration seen throughout the space.
Now, at the new location in Maitland, RanGetsu has taken on a whole new look of modern sleek designs but in a much smaller square footage than before.


We took advantage of Magical Dining and drove all the way out to Maitland to check them out. We ended up getting the Chilean Sea Bass. It is one of our favorite fish to eat! I highly recommend giving this entree a try! It is a favorite and best-seller for a reason. Although the portion is a bit on the small side, it is filling with the side of rice and well worth it.

Chilean Sea Bass 
 Broiled fresh Chilean sea bass glazed with a miso teriyaki sauce


We really enjoyed this dish. I typically do not see Chilean Sea Bass served with the skin and now that I have had it with the skin… people should be serving this fish with the skin on! It has a rich buttery texture that just enhances the flavor of the fish. The fish was not over cooked and the flavor was mild and well seasoned with the miso teriyaki sauce. I would order this dish again

I ordered off the menu and had some of their sushi… and yes, it is on the pricier side. The sushi platter I had did not really impress me too much to justify the price so I would not recommend going to RanGetsu to get sushi but I would recommend it for their entrees.

Sushi & Sashimi Combo 
Chef’s choice of 5 nigiri, 7 sashimi and a Florida Roll


Now, we had to end the night with some dessert. I noticed that they had some interesting desserts featuring green tea. It was toss up between Green Tea Tiramisu or the Green Tea Creme Brulee…

Green Tea Creme Brulee 

It had a carmel on the bottom with the torched sugar crust at the top. It had a hint of green tea to make it a very refreshing dessert. It was like eating a flan and a creme brulee at the same time! My only complaint, it was too small to share! I was polite enough to let Al have the last bite but deep down inside me wanted take the entire cup and scrap every last bit and lick the cup dry… There was much restraint on my part.


901 South Orlando Avenue
Maitland, FL 32751

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