DB Bistro Moderne & The Original db Burger

Bistro Moderne is an upscale restaurant in New York city. It sits at 44th st and 5th ave. The decor is expensive and classy — you won’t find any paper napkins at this restaurant. Rather, the napkins are cloth and embroidered with the “db” logo in a checkerboard pattern. The wait staff are attentive, prompt, and polite.

I showed up for lunch 5 minutes after they had officially closed for lunch. The original host went to ask if the restaurant was still open and returned to say they were not. Another hostess pulled some strings and asked if I could get a burger and they allowed it, which was great customer service.

Bistro Moderne Pre-Meal Truffle

The first thing that comes out is bread and butter. The breads are varied and the butter is very rich. The ingredients are high quality and the variation among the breads should please any diner. Just a few minutes after the bread and butter a small truffle came out. This came on top of a small bit of ricotta cheese and it was delicious. Craft beer lovers will be happy as there is a small but decently varied selection of craft beer that will go with the food on the menu quite well.

The Original db Burger

Bistro Moderne Burger

The burger at Bistro Moderne is a combination of several kinds of meat, a bun, tomato, sauce, coleslaw, and truffle oil. It’s a sight to behold. At $31 USD for a burger, it ought to be. That’s at least twice as much as a burger that would typically be considered a rip off. Here’s how it’s described on the menu:

Sirloin Burger Filled with Braised Short Ribs
Black Truffle, Served on a Parmesan Bun
Pommes Frites or Pommes Soufflées

As far as taste goes, the burger was quite good. With all those ingredients, you might expect one or more to be overpowering but nothing came off as such. The truffle is not extremely pronounced which would be an easy mistake for a restaurant to make. Everything was cooked to perfection. The bun complemented the burger very well also.

The big question about this burger: Is it worth it?

I think that’s hard to say. It’s a bit hard to call it a typical burger. The different meats and flavors blend together so well they are a bit difficult to pick out among each other. If you don’t think of it as a burger, I think you’ll enjoy this a lot more. As a burger, you’d be better off with a burger at The Spotted Pig. Either way, it’s a great meal, and if you’re interested in trying it I’d say go for it.
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About the author: Jason Seifer is a lover not a fighter, but he’s also a fighter so don’t get any ideas. He lives in Orlando, FL and does Ruby on Rails development and also makes employee scheduling software. He enjoys long walks on the beach, scotch, and poetry.

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    Excellente la recette


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