Arepas El Cacao

During the Oviedo Food Truck Bazaar, we visited a couple of trucks where one of which was Arepas El Cacao. This Venezuelan truck serves up arepas and cachapas with a wide variety of filling with variety of sauces that all compliments the sandwich very nicely.

What is the Difference Between an Arepa and a Cachapa?

Arepas are made with ground corn flour, mixed into a thick dough and can be either baked, grilled or fried into a round shape that most resembles an english muffin; while the cachapas are made from fresh ground sweet corn, mixed into a think batter and cooked into a round pancake.

I like both types but we decided to go with an areapa. We got the pork with cheese arepa ($5.00). They prepare all their sandwiches fresh. Plus, they were quick! We had them cut it in half so that we can split with Ricky Ly of

Here is what I noticed:

Their arepas are fairly big. –I would have to guess that it is about 6″ in diameter.
It was seriously stuffed to the max with generous portions of pork and topped with tons of white cheese.
They come piping HOT! –So be careful taking your first bite!

Sliced Pork with Cheese Arepa

How Did it Taste?

Well, it would have tasted better if the cheese wasn’t so salty. Because they topped it with lots of cheese, it was all I could taste was the salty flavors of the white cheese. Although, I did, eventually, locate the pork and it was a very well seasoned and flavorful balance but was masked by the cheese. Perhaps they could rinse off the cheese brine before assembling the sandwiches.

I will have to try out their cachapa next time. It will be interesting to see how they come!

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