Thai Island Orlando Restaurant

Finally! A GOOD Thai place close to the Orlando International Airport. Good news for those who work out in that area.

My friend, Marilyn of, twitted that she was at Pio Pio one day. I was a bit surprised because that was so close to where I work. She then twitted, “has anyone been to this Thai restaurant next door?” and I thought to myself, “there wasn’t a Thai restaurant there before….hmm, very interesting!” After some tweets back and forth, we finally decided to set a date to meet up for lunch.
We decided to check out this place for lunch when I arrived, the place was so empty!
As Marilyn arrived, we promptly put in our order, I ordered Tom Yum with Seafood and Marilyn ordered Vegetable and Tofu Ginger Pad Khing. With our order, we received a complimentary appetizer of Cheese Bikini.

Cheese Bikini, cream cheese filled in Wonton shell

Those little cheese bikinis are crunchy and crisp. The cheese within the wonton triangle reminds me of crab rangoon. It comes with a side of  Red Chili Sauce.

Vegetable Spring Roll

They use spring roll sheets over the egg roll sheets, as seen in Chinese restaurants, which makes the skin of the spring roll very crunchy and is much lighter than egg rolls. This spring roll was very tasty! This picture was taken at my second visit to Thai Island Orlando. My friend ended up putting in an order of spring rolls to-go!

Vegetable and Tofu Ginger Pad Khing

The Vegetable and Tofu Ginger Khing looked fantastic! When I am in the mood to go vegetarian, I am totally going to order this. I think Marilyn really enjoyed it. She mentioned in her blog,, that she got hits of fresh  ginger in her meal. So I guess they really use freshly sliced ginger for their Ginger Pad Khing!–I like authenticity!

Tom Yum

I have been on a Tom Yum kick, well actually, I should say that I am on a noodle soup kick in the middle of summer. I have had Tom Yum at Durian Durian and to come pair the two, I prefer this one over the one at Durian Durian. It has fresh cuts of lemon grass and the broth was very flavorful. It comes in a very large bowl for (10.99) which was more than I wanted to pay but the healthy servings of seafood was well worth it. There were big pieces of squid and shrimp! MEGA YUMMO!

Red Curry Shrimp with a side of Rice

So my co-worker, at my second visit, ordered the Red Curry Shrimp. Let’s just say, there were some regrets on not boxing half of it before he started eating it because…. he cleared his plate! He said, “I just couldn’t stop eating, it was just so good!” He wants to be kept annoynmous for his shameful act but when it is good, it is good and I told him there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Although, for our future trips to Thai Island Orlando, I will remind him to ask for a box before he starts digging in. 😛

Be sure to give this place a try, I know how hard it is to try to eat local while you work or reside near the airport but this place is fantastic and has made it on our list of approved lunch eateries by Mega Yummo & Friends.

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  1. June 18, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    Wow, it must’ve been good if you went back a second time that soon!

    • June 19, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

      I have been on a Thai Noodle Soup Kick! So I can validate that their noodles soups are delicious enough for me to come back twice in one week.

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