Hue Restaurant for Brunch

My friends came in for the weekend and asked us to join them for brunch at Hue. Hue Restaurant described as, “downtown Orlando’s critically acclaimed and award-winning urban bistro.” It is located in Thornton Park and serves modern American style cuisine. I have never eaten there before so why not start out with brunch!

I am browsing their brunch menu, “P B & J Turnover, Peanut Butter, Grape Jam, Crème Anglais, Marshmallow Fellow.” I thought to myself, I love peanut butter and I could go for something sweet.

I was not expecting it to look like this! WOW! I am so glad I ordered it because my dish looked so amazing with all the colors, textures and that sweet wonderful smell! The turnover is like a puff pastry or what you would expect to find in traditional apple turnover. The pastry puff is very thick and flaky with a healthy serving of peanut butter and jelly wedge between the heart of the turnover. I was a bit turned off by the marshmallow but surprisingly it went really well with the fruit taste of the jam and the salty after taste of the peanut butter. I could have gone without the Anglais sauce but since the pastry shell is pretty bland… I guess they didn’t want to chance anyone to bite into a piece of ordinary and plain.

P B & J Turnover, Peanut Butter, Grape Jam, Crème Anglais, Marshmallow Fellow

I will admit that being at Hue did make me feel little hoity-toity as I am sitting there waiting, sipping on glasses of mimosas and snacking on a pretty basket of assorted mini breads. It was a good Sunday morning brunch… my friends had their choices of scramble eggs with potatoes and I got to indulge into fancy plate of peanut butter and jelly!

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