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Ceviche has an old world charm and immediately you feel like you in another country. The colorful walls reflect their colorful selection of ingredients. My fiancé and I decided to check out this place to see what everyone is raving about. I have not had tapas before and so I was anxious for this new experience. I usually have my fiancé pick and he does a great job of picking out a different variety from the menu.

  1. Ceviche de la Casa, described as, “shrimp, scallops, squid and fish marinated in lime juice, tossed with fresh tomatoes, scallions, peppers and seasoned with cilantro.”
  2. Sardinas, described as, “imported sardines on toasted bread with tomato and sweet onion.”
  3. Tabla Mixta, described as, “chorizo, morcilla and Serrano ham with Mahon, Manchego, Tetilla cheeses, with sliced fruit and homemade pate.”
  4. Caracoles a la Vasca, described as, “snails sautéed with spinach, cream and a dash of anis, served in a vol-au-vent.”

We were served freshly baked bread with a side of very well seasoned olive oil before the whole mess of food came to our table. I think my favorite out of the tapas were the Caracoles a la Vasca.

ceviche restaurant downtown orlando

In laymen’s terms, snails cooked in some red creamy sauce Basque-style, using all the quintessential flavors in Spanish cooking of the Basque country. The snails had the same consistency of mussels but more tender and sweet. I know this is not what you want to read but if you are feeling a little adventurous with your food I recommend you give Ceviche’s Caracoles a laVasca a try. It is just so Mega Yummo in the red creamy sauce on top of the fresh baked bread. MMMMM!

Another tapas that I really enjoyed was their Tabla Mixta, which was really simple but so Mega Yummo! I felt like I was a Spanish Conquistador taking break from world domination … I mean…exploration and eating up all these unique slices of meats and cheeses.

The Cevich de la Casa was not my favorite. For being the house ceviche it was not very impressive. The flavors were salty and had a ton of cumin that over powered the natural flavors of the seafood. I still ate it but would I order it again?-that would be a “No.”

Now if you ask me, “Would you go there again?” -I would say “Yes! Most definitely.” Why? Because it was a very nice experience and the services was great. It is a great place for a big group of friends or family. Or I would recommend it to anyone who felt like sharing their food with a bunch of people.

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