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When my dad comes into town, we eat at Café Japon.  We both love sushi and Tampa offers an interesting variety of unique sushi from Samurai Blue to Water.

Café Japon holds approximately 15-20 tables restaurant in the ” Bay Street ” area of Tampa ‘s Elitist International Plaza. “Café Japon” literally translates from the French to “Café Japan.” –I know, I know, I was overwhelmed by the cleverness too!



Anyway, ol’ pops & I have grown from the typical Gaijin “All-rolls no-raw” common Americanized sushi to the “Give me the most rare and unique sashimi you’ve got!”-mindset that would make a Yakuza boss bow in awe. Although a hair on the pricey side,


On our visits I’ve tried everything from the simple California Roll to the opulent “Golden Buddha Roll” (stuffed with lobster and topped with gold leaf, for a mere $24.95!) and I find I’m always the most content (being the sushi purist I am) ordering Omakase ($40-$100, the dish pictured was $60). “Omakase” is a Japanese term that loosely translates to “It’s up to you, chef!” and I highly recommend you use it at your favorite sushi digs. Any chef worth his soy sauce will not only know exactly what you mean, but be honored to lead you on a fishy Mega Yummo trip of awesomeness!

The maki (rolls) at Café Japon are good, but the quality of the meat is what really shines, I’ve eaten there well over a dozen times and the fish has always been of the highest quality around. The service on the other hand is hit-or-miss at best. Going during off-peak hours is recommended.
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