Raleigh, NC: Duck and Dumpling

Duck & Dumplings

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While Pearleen is blogging away about food in the Orlando area, I thought I’d step in and add some reviews for the Raleigh, NC area! I think mine might be a little more sparse (need to remember the camera), but I’ll try my best.

I recently went to Duck and Dumpling. It was suggested by multiple people in the area. It’s located in the heart of downtown Raleigh across from Moore Square. It’s a little bit on the pricier side, but well worth it!

I recommend making reservations. We went on a Saturday night and it was busy! Busy enough that both the hostess and the server mentioned it to us.

The first wine we selected, they ran out of. In the end, we chose the Cayalla – Red Table Wine. I was a little thrown off when the server recommended it, but it was a good choice, complementing a lot of the dishes we had.

The appetizers were hit and miss. I’ve always wanted to try edamame hummus and I have to say, I was not disappointed! This was served with thin cucumber slices and taro chips. MEGA YUMMO! I hope to attempt to make this myself soon – can’t be too hard, right? Sorry, no photos of the hummus. I ate all of it too quickly.

Next, we moved on to what sounded like the

Signature Dish

In fact, I think it was labeled that way on the menu… “David’s Signature Half-Fried Dumplings.” There was the choice between pork, duck or vegetable. I figured, when at Duck and Dumpling…. go with the duck!

Duck Dumplings

Duck Dumplings

The dish came with 5 dumplings, a nice dipping sauce and a sweet and spicy pickle relish. It looked fantastic. However, I was disappointed to find a lack of flavor. I’m not sure if the pork or vegetable dumplings might have been better, but I can’t really recommend the duck. The best part of the whole dish was the pickles.

For the record, I am a huge pickle fan. However, we’re only talking dill pickles. None of those bread and butter chips or sweet pickle relish. These pickles, though, might have converted me a little bit. They were sweet and spicy and still a little crispy. A pretty good complement to the okay dumplings.

Luckily, this dish was the only misstep of the night. From then on, I stuffed my face. Yumm. Just thinking about it again makes me happy.

Kung Pao Lamb

Kung Pao Lamb

After a long debate, my friend ordered the Kung Pao Lamb.

It came with a side of steamed rice. He was happy because it had just enough kick to it. I personally liked it because I’m a sucker for stir-fry with peanuts or cashews in it. He ate all of it – including the lovely garnishes on the plate. Just kidding!

Duck Julienned with Black Bean Sauce over Crispy Noodles

Duck Julienned with Black Bean Sauce over Crispy Noodles

Chocolate Pyramid

Chocolate Pyramid

I had another duck dish.

I thought it might not be the best idea, but the dish sounded so good that I couldn’t resist! I’m glad I got over my fear. This dish was fantastic! It came with steamed rice as well. It was salty and rich all at once, but not too heavy to keep you from finishing the meal. Another plus was that even though the duck was really rich, it wasn’t nearly as fatty as I’ve had at most restaurants. I wish I had Pearleen with me so she could have told me how to recreate this dish. I would make it at least once a week. And I’d probably also be fat as well.

Lastly, we saved room for dessert.

It was a little bit of a debate as to which dessert we wanted to try. There was a great chocolate bundt cake that passed our table. There also was an apple tart discussed (unfortunately they were out of that), but in the end, the chocolate pyramid won out.

As you can tell from the picture, it looks great! Almost too pretty to eat. I think I speak for myself on that one though. I had to hold my friend back from digging in to take this picture.

The pyramid was a fluffy chocolate mousse. In the center there was a more dense white chocolate  mousse. The only complaint I have is that there wasn’t more to eat!

I also tried one of their liquid desserts – the raspberries and cream martini. The glass was drizzled with a raspberry sauce – scrumtrulescent!

View of Dining Room

View of Dining Room

The atmosphere was friendly. Our server was attentive and great at giving us advice on the dishes. The chef even stopped by to check on how our meal was. He really seemed interested to know how we were enjoying the food.

If you’re in the Raleigh area, I’d totally recommend eating here.

I can’t give it a full MEGA YUMMO-O-O-O-O,

but I would give it a MEGA YUMMO-O-O-O 1/2.

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