Chef Han’s Cafe

Chef Han’s Cafe


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Now this place was a little hard to find at first we were looking for “Chef Henry’s Cafe,” but saw Chef Han’s Cafe from the street. A guy we met not too long ago, Cyrio, recommended that we try out this place. I mean… Hey! if people are going to make the suggestion than I should do my part and take it!

And it was a good thing I did!

First of, we were meeting a friend for a nice quiet dinner. He was visiting from out of town and he was up for being adventurous with us. The restaurant was really slow, we were the only ones there. But no matter to me, that only means that we, the only customers, were going to get all the service and attention. Our server, Carl, greeted us and sat us to our table. The restaurant was really well lit and nicely decorated.

Our pleasant waiter, Carl, told us about the specials…

and gave us some time to look over the very overwhelming menu. This place is pretty awesome serving up authentic eastern European cuisine. The menu is a bit overwhelming… the first page you see is the beer and wine list….it is definitely something you don’t see everyday. My fiance and his friend decided to try out something from the beer list…


Radenberger on the left and Krusovice Dark on the right

The Radenberger has a signature German beer flavor, light and refreshing taste. Our friend had the Krusovice Dark, he said it was good. I guess I would have to ask him what he thoughts about about that beer later.

All of the meals comes with a salad and bread.

Bread…phenomenal! The hearty bread came with a great butter and cream cheese spread. It was seasoned with paprika and green scallions.

–It was flipping Mega Yummo!

Chef Han's Bread with Butter/Cream Cheese/Paprika and scallions

Chef Han's Bread with Butter/Cream Cheese/Paprika and scallions

The salad was also very good too, it was spring mix greens and grape tomato topped with cranberries and walnuts. Carl recommended getting the salad with the house dressing. The house dressing has a slight similar taste to a Greek taziki sauce.

Chef Han's Salad

Chef Han's Salad

We ordered the Sausage Platter and the Hungarian Goulash with Spatzels. My fiance just loved the Hungarian Goulash!

Hungarian Goulash

Hungarian Goulash

Here is the Sausage Platter!

Sausage Platter

Sausage Platter

These 2 meals were great! It was very delicious and definitely something I would recommend to my friends. I like the Sausage Platter better than the Hungarian Goulash. The Goulash tasted very similar to a beef stew or a chili. Either way, this dish is great for the cold weather. The Sausage Platter was my favorite of the two, the sausages were not salty and but it had a lot of great flavor! I highly recommend giving this dish a try.

Dinner isn’t dinner until end it with something sweet….

Since everything was so MEGA YUMMO, I was curious to try something from their dessert menu. Carl recommended that I try their Apple Strudle…

Apple Strudel

Apple Struddle

This warm Apple Strudel came out all decorated with raspberry glaze and powder sugar. This traditional strudel was wrapped in a thin philo dough and baked to perfection. This really delicious strudel came with a side of vanilla sauce which was a great addition in comparison to the side of vanilla ice cream.

All and All, Chef Han’s Cafe is a great place to take your family and friends to try out some eastern European food. Everything we had there was delicious and we would recommend it to any food adventurer!
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