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Aladdin’s Cafe of Casselberry, Florida, is a “Hole in the wall” or “mom & pop” place that serves very authentic and delicious Middle Eastern and North African restaurant serving a wide range of Lebanese favorites like fresh hummas, felafel, kafta, and lots and lots of LAMB.

We came to this restaurant before but decided to feature this restaurant because they have the most excellent buffet on the weekends starting at 6:00 PM. The trick is to get there early and get the food when it is hot and fresh. .

Aladdin's Cafe Weekend Buffet

Aladdin's Cafe Weekend Buffet

It was very MEGA YUMMO!

I like going to their buffet because it gives me an opportunity to try a little of everything and find out what I really like… for example, I learned that I actually do like lamb. I use to have this thing against lamb on how it taste but the way Aladdin’s Cafe prepared it… it just had so much flavor and the texture was better than beef.

Leg of Lamb

Leg of Lamb

In addition, the Kafta (or Kofta) was absolutely MEGA YUMMO.  It was very moist tender and full of flavor. Kafta, from what I understand, can be made from ground beef, lamb, or chicken. I think the Kafta I had was made from ground beef,  from what I can tell it was lean ground beef, that was seasoned with onions, parsley, some spices, and the typical salt and pepper. Then then roll up the meat into a log and it can be prepared by either frying or grilling. The ones I had were definitely grilled.

Kafta or Kofta

Kafta or Kofta

I like to have my Kafta with hummas and warm pita bread it was really Mega YUMMO!

Unfortunately, it was time for me to throw in the towel. I was getting full!

Our server was very helpful and explained what we were eating. It was awesome to have such a friendly and insightful server!

I asked about their desserts and they had 3 on the menu: 1. the typical baklava 2. chocolate moose and 3. Lebonese Pie called Aish El Saraya.

I had to try the Aish El Saraya, the Lebonese Pie, and I also called for an order of Turkish coffee.

Lebonese Pie (Aish Elsaraya)

Lebonese Pie (Aish El Saraya)

It has the scent of roses and lemon. The Aish El Saraya is rose scented bread pudding. The bread sits on the bottom  which was soaked together with the aromatic syrup that posses the smell of roses with a zest of lemon. The cream taste very similar to marscapone cheese that also has the smell and taste of roses. it was all topped off with crushed pistachios and sliced cashews, I could be wrong about the cashews.

The dessert had a very light and refreshing taste that would stimulate anyone’s taste buds. I joined the dessert with a little cup of Turkish coffee and the two together made a nice marriage of flavors.


Turkish Coffee

What makes this Turkish Coffee? Besides from the fact that it comes in a little demitasse but the coffee powder has to be finer than espresso coffee, it is actually the finest grind of coffee in all the coffee grinds. This Turkish coffee has a very unique flavor from a very unique ingredient, cardamon. They mix the coffee, sugar, and cardamon in cold water and brings it to a boil. The flavor is confusing to the senses. The taste is initially like strong dark tea but the after taste of good espresso. The consistency is not like espresso but it is actually lighter more watery but to say that it was not just as strong as drinking a shot of espresso.

All and all, the entire experience at Aladdin’s Cafe was pleasant in a very warm and inviting environment, where the food is Mega Yummo and the people were friendly.

I rate Aladdin’s Cafe a Mega YummO-O-O-O-O~! 5 O’s out of 5 great food for family and friends at a great price! I highly recommend it for any food adventurest!

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  1. July 29, 2012 at 9:38 pm #

    excellent review of one of my favorite restaurants. i actually learned a few things i didn’t know!

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